opening show

velux ehf final 4 2017


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for the handball champions-league finals, velux ehf final 4 2017, each of the four games had an individual opening show, brought to life on the field of play with 24 movable, wireless led-dollies.

these were moved by artists in complex choreographies to create new, constantly changing stage areas. a creative canvas that opened a wide playground to create intense motion graphics.

in cooperation with the lighting artist agency lichtfaktor and inspired by the concept of our very own art installation squarevolution we had the idea to not use the led-dollies as displays but to transform them into pure light sources that underline and interact with the performer’s actions.

a motion graphics concept that powered the led-screens up and aimed on transferring this huge energy into the many, many performers on stage.


client: velux ehf final 4

customers: elements entertainment, hans christoph mücke, Volker Hagen; in coproduction with lichtfaktor

on-screen-styledevelopment: lenny grade

on-screen-animation-development: lenny grade

on-screen-animation: lenny grade, an ngo truong