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a film is more than just a light-sensitiv layer. a film transmits thoughts, arouses emotions, captures unsual perspectives and always takes new paths.

each festival category gets it’s own theme, an own image area, an own appearance. the typography is used as a surrounding that developes space for content in it’s center.
this space holds quotes of famous movie directors who used their work, their being, their richness of ideas and their investigative spirit to explore, analyse, create and blast the medium film.
each quote is visualised in red and blue motives (inspired by stereoscopy) that summon special
connotations while leaving enough room for a range of different interpretations. an example: the theme of godard’s quote ‘all you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.’ shows a woman and a revolver. the woman’s back of the head represents a perspective typical for godard. the phallic looking revolver is the symbol for masculinity. or is it the colt of humphrey bogart? the quotes as well as the themes are ment to get film lovers to think.


created by catrin mackowski & lenny grade
music and sounddesign by sascha jatho
editorial text by ananda bräunig


public call for sehsüchte filmfestival