tv music award

on-air-design for the german echo music awards 2017 presented on vox


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»black has everything! in a little black dress, most importantely you see the woman wearing it and also the dress itself.«

inspired by coco channels quote about the little black dress the main idea for the echo 2017 was to create an elegant design touched by musical roughness that highlights the artists.   

black and white typography, underlinded by pale, colorless images, introduces the show, anounces the categories and when a music video starts it evolves into a graphic surrounding that looks like a magazine cover featuring the musicians.

on top of this, all elements are split, have their origin in the middle of the screen and are shown in mirror symmetries … to make everything echo.

within the project two openings were created but only one made it into the show. the opening presented here is the one that did not air.


idea & concept: lenny grade
style development & animation: lenny grade
design supervision at mediengruppe rtl deutschland gmbh: juliane richter
echo award & instrument shots: mediengruppe rtl deutschland gmbh
music & sound: trevista audio media
© Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland GmbH


mediengruppe rtl deutschland gmbh